The raw metallurgical industry is where we are at home: the requirements for man and machine are familiar to us! We speak the language of the mining and metal industry.
ZYMO GmbH & Co.KG has extensive and solid know-how in the whole breakout industry, thanks to the long-term experience of our qualified employees with demolition robots (breakout robots) and telescopic excavators.

We work out solutions for our customers on a daily basis and always carry out challenging tasks to a “clean” result in close consultation with the client. Our teams work around the clock – 365 days a year – applying our machines in difficult locations and under the most difficult conditions for your benefit.
We look forward to a common challenge!


ZYMO GmbH & Co. KG is a competent service provider in the steel industry in the breakout field. Our employees have over four decades of experience.

Over the last fifteen years, we have expanded our business: In addition to coal and iron mining and steel-making, we now also offer our services in the ALUMINUM, LEAD, COPPER, CEMENT and ZINC segments – in Germany and across Europe.

We have set ourselves the task of replacing the tedious and time-consuming breakout work in smelting furnaces and crucibles done by hand until a decade or two ago under extremely adverse working conditions (heat, dust, increased accident risks due to falling material, etc.), by excavation robots and telescopic excavators.

A significant advantage to our customers is that the machines we are proposing allow breaking out to start shortly after the last tapping of a still hot furnace. Due to the precisely matched machine employment, the breakout times can be reduced by several days. This is another important advantage for the customer, as the broken-out unit can be reinstalled and can go into production much faster.

For ZYMO GmbH & Co. KG, the absolute reliability of man and machine is of utmost importance when carrying out our tasks.

Our highly qualified staff as well as our extensive machinery is at your disposal upon request 365 days a year in a 3-shift operation seven days per week.

We are always there for you!