Width:  597 mm
Height: 874 mm
Weight:   500 kg (ohne Anbaugeräte)
Hammer: Atlas Copco SB 52

Boom reach:
Length: ca. 2500 mm
Height: ca. 3000 mm

Shovel, side swivel

Application areas and possibilities

The BROKK 60 is the successor of the BROKK 50.

Due to its small size it fits through almost every furnace opening (manhole). Door openings of about 60 cm wide are no obstacle. The BROKK 60 is easy to transport due to its low weight (approx. 550 kg with attachments) and also fits almost every elevator.

Its power is impressive in terms of its size, so the small BROKK replaces about three to four workers with compressed air hammers. But unlike humans doing manual excavation work, it doesn’t get tired.

Possible applications:

  • Small furnaces with small furnace openings
  • (Within) channels
  • Work within confined spaces (for example, in front of burner chambers etc.)
  • Exhaust pipes